Universidad de Londres Program

Universidad de Londres Scholarships

In our continued effort to increase the educational opportunities for the youth of the Costa Alegre region, we partner with the prestigious Universidad of Londres in Mexico City to offer a scholarship valued at over $50,000 pesos per year.
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Rationale behind scholarship

  • Most students in the Costa Alegre region lack the economic resources for a university education.
  • The majority of students do not attend university, but instead turn to unskilled work positions, even after graduating from high school.
  • There is a considerable lack of financial aid resources available in the Costa Alegre region. 

Selection process:

This scholarship is awarded to one student annually in the Costa Alegre area and can be used for an undergraduate or master’s degree. Students applying for the scholarship will be required to submit an application package for review by La Catalina

Foundation and demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:

Graduation from a school in the Costalegre region:

  • High School
  • Technical School
  • University
  • A minimum 8.5 G.P.A on Mexico's 10 point system
  • Demonstrated skills in writing and critical thinking
  • A strong recommendation from current school
  • Desire to help with community improvement projects

Scholarship Details:

The Universidad de Londres Scholarship provides:

  • Tuition fees for a 4-year bachelor's program, a technical career, or a Master’s Program at any one of the Universidad de Londres’
  • Campuses in Mexico (Mexico City or Queretaro)
  • Job opportunities at the University campus
  • Academic support and mentorship
  • Scholarship renewable annually, when selected candidate meets requirements

The University of Londres Scholarship does not provide:

  •  Accommodation expenses
  • Travel expenses
  •  Food expenses
  • Book expenses


The scholarship recipient must abide by the following rules:

  • Maintain a minimum 8.5 GPA
  • Take no more than one semester off in an academic year
  • Fulfill 40 hours of community service for La Catalina Foundation in the academic year.

Universidad de Londres:

Universidad de Londres is a private university renowned throughout Mexico for excellence in education. The University was established in 1980 by Dr. Gabriela de la Vega, our board President, and has close ties to the UNAM and the SEP. Following in the steps of its Founder, the Universidad de Londres looks to produce well-rounded individuals who have all the skills to succeed as professionals and make a difference in the world. For more information on the Universidad de Londres, please click here Sign me up as a sponsor!

Although the tuition is 100% covered, it can be very challenging for students to study full-time while trying to cover the high cost of living in Mexico City or Queretaro. We look for “Room Angels” to assist the selected university student with room and board costs. The contribution amount is $21,500 pesos per year. The student will receive $20,000 pesos, which will be distributed in two payments at the start of each semester. The remaining $1,500 pesos covers LCF’s administration of this program. To be a “Room Angel” contact us!