Alberto Espinosa Martinez, Development Director

Alberto is our Development Director.  He holds a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Colima.  He also teaches English, computer courses and after-school classes at LCF.

Gardenia Aguilar Sahagún, Administrative Assistant

Gardenia is our Administrative Assistant. She also teaches Early Education for toddlers and their mothers.  Gardenia completed her degree in Computer Systems Engineering in La Huerta, Jalisco. 

Lorena Ponto Martinez, Teacher

Lorena teaches children our after-school art classes and teenagers in our Wings scholarship program.  Lorena is also an instructor in the mornings in La Manzanilla’s local pre-school.  She earned her bachelor's degree from "Escuela Normal para Educadores" in Union de Tula.  

Isaura Magaña, Teacher/Special Events Planner

Isaura teaches English in the public schools and is a major player in our special events and annual fundraisers. 

Heidy Magaña, Work-Study Assistant

Heidy is a senior in high school and a participant in the Wings scholarship program.  She assists with office duties and special events.

Sue O'Riley, Visiting Librarian/Director RLP

Sue founded the Rural Literacy Project (RLP). RLP brings literacy opportunities through the development of libraries in Latin America. In 2012, she partnered with La Catalina Foundation to bring RLP to residents of La Manzanilla.

Olga Verde, Assistant Librarian

Olga assists with the Rural Literacy Project.  She helps children with reading skills and helps maintain our growing collection of Spanish and English books.

Ron Stock, Coordinator of Artists-in-Residence Program


Ron coordinates an artist-in-residence program for teenagers in the Wings scholarship program.  Ron, along with visiting artists, teach a variety of mixed-media classes.

Gladys Mendoza, Facility Manager

Gladys cleans and maintains the safety of our facility.

Allison Hailicka Ellis (U.S.A. Coordinator)

Allison is the Coordinator of La Catalina Foundation U.S.A., a 501c3 non-profit established in 2017 to provide the service of issuing tax-deductible receipts for donations made within the U.S.  She studied at Oregon State University and resides in Southern Oregon.

Felix Mancilla, Gardener

Felix maintain our lovely grounds and gardens.

María Victoria Chavarín Vásquez, English teacher

Maria is our English teacher in the La Manzanilla public schools.  She lived in the U.S. and attended school for many years there.  She is fully bilingual in English/Spanish.

Brianda Cecilia Mendoza Rodríguez

Brianda is our first hired “Wings” scholarship alumni, who works as our accountant.  She graduated top in her class from the University of Autlan in 2014.