Current and future facility

La Catalina Foundation’s educational center is located at #199 Playa Dorada in La Manzanilla, Jalisco.  The campus is being developed on a 20m x 30m parcel of land donated by the local “Ejido” (communal land government). There are currently 3 buildings on our campus, consisting of a community classroom, computer lab, and bathrooms.  The fourth building is under construction and will include an office space and storage.  There is also an herb garden and Japanese rock garden created and maintained by volunteers and students.  The beautifully manicured grounds has become a popular area for local families to hold parties and social gatherings.  The center is located adjacent to La Manzanilla’s pre-school and primary school and ½ block from the “arroyo” (dry river bed) which is the starting point for nature walks to the beautiful “Las Joyas” waterfall. Click here to see a historical timeline of our campus development.

The educational center has become a learning hub for the community and is the site of the majority of La Catalina Foundation’s programs. We are working to expand the center to provide additional resources and programs.

Historical timeline of La Catalina Foundation’s campus:

  • 2007 – Land donated by La Manzanilla’s Ejido
  • 2008 – 1st classroom built
  • 2010 – Bathrooms built
  • 2010 - Herb garden constructed by Great Basin Institute
  • 2011 – 2nd classroom built
  • 2014 - 1st classroom converted to computer lab
  • 2014 - Japanese rock garden built by Jim Farrell and LCF “Wings” scholarship students
  • 2015 - Bookcases installed for the Rural Literacy Project library
  • 2017 – Office and storage unit under construction…

What success means

With the successful completion of facilities and additional programs, a reliable infrastructure will be established to provide long-term support for the development and educational advancement of La Manzanilla’s residents and future generations.

Click here to see LCF’s complete architectural plans designed and donated by Alvaro Chavarín.

The completed center will include:

  • Auditorium for theater & dance
  • Additional classrooms
  • Multi-purpose events room
  • Administrative office space
  • Library

How You Can Help!

Become a part of this community effort!  Support building La Catalina Foundation, brick by brick!  We are always grateful to receive donations through PayPal or Cultural Media Services, our U.S. fiscal sponsor.   Support one of our dearly-need projects…

Put a roof over our heads!

Help us finish our administrative office.  The foundation and walls are up, but we need to build a 6m x 13m cement roof to cover the office and the adjacent community classroom, which has a leaky thatched roof over it.

Finish the bathrooms

Our bathrooms are functional, but are in need of finishing touches, including paint, flooring, a second toilet, and doors for the stalls.

Memorial buildings

Honor a loved one’s legacy and make a Memorial Donation towards one of La Catalina Foundation’s future classrooms.  A memorial plaque will be displayed on the location.