Middle School

7th Grade

Jose Guillermo Maldonado Galvan

Grade Point Average:  9.1

Career Goals: Marine Biologist

Jose Guillermo Maldonado Galvan is an avid reader and is working hard in school, with dreams of becoming a marine biologist and helping to save the oceans.  Jose Guillermo’s family consists of two brothers, his dad, and his mom.  The Wing’s scholarship would be a dream come true for Jose Guillermo’s, as his family has the challenge of supporting three boys in school.



8th Grade

Jeremy Isabel Moro Silva

Grade Point Average: 8.6

Career Goals: Marine Biologist

Jeremy kindness shows through his quite demeanor.  Jeremy likes the nature take care of the habitat for the sea turtles  here in La Manzanilla.  He has big dreams of becoming a marine biologist and travel around the world, a position that is laced with trips to the different oceans and both poles! He lives with his mother, her father, and two older sisters.



9th grade

Juan Paulo Magallon Garcia

Grade Point Average:  8.6

Career Goals: Mechatronics Engineer

Juan Paulo lives with his father, mother and his younger sister.  He is a good student and has a passion for computer science.  Juan Paulo’s father and mother work hard to educate and sustain their family. Juan Paulo wants to become a mechatroncis engineer and earn enough money to help his family.


Kristan Rafael Amador Rodriguez

Grade Point Average:  8.8

Career Goals: Veterinarian

Kristan Rafael Amador Rodriguez is a fierce animal lover and wishes to someday become a veterinarian. He is active in sports, including soccer and volleyball. Kristan lives with his mom, dad, and siblings.  Both of his parents work hard to help support their family of five.


Daniel Isaac Perez Raygoza

Grade Point Average:  8.0 – 8.5

Career Goals: Mechanical Engineer or Firefighter

Daniel Isaac Perez Raygoza is a quiet student who dreams of someday becoming a mechanical engineer or firefighter.  He is already  improving his grades in math and science and is a competitive volleyball and soccer player.  He lives with her mother, father, and his siblings.  His father works as a firefighter. His father is the sole provider in her family, which leaves his in need of financial help to further his education.