After-school programs


All La Catalina Foundation programs are offered free-of-charge. We look for sponsors, supplies, and donations to keep these programs running. 

Art for Children

LCF offers after-school art classes twice a week to children in the community. As the public schools of La Manzanilla do not have funding for regular art classes, we offer this program to increase the opportunities available to the children of the village. The aim of the art classes is to develop the children's creativity, imagination, cognitive skills, problem solving abilities, and fine motor skills. Studies show that children who regularly participate in art programs are more likely to excel in math, science and writing. Art can also help to build self-esteem because children take pride in the works of art they create.

English & Art Summer Camp

Our English & Art Summer Camp was started in 2007. The program accommodates 30 children, grades 1- 6, in a 3-week program. Children participate in physical education, English and art classes, and cooperative games.  There are also weekly outings and swim trips. The camp is run by local Mexican teachers, our Wings scholarship students, and volunteers.

Rural Literacy Project

La Manzanilla does not have a public library and reading at home has not been the tradition for most families in the village, since books are hard to come by.  Our Rural Literacy Project, launched in 2012, is striving to provide the children of La Manzanilla with better access to books and foster a love and appreciation for literature. Starting with a few boxes of books in crates, we have grown to have a small library, with an equal number of Spanish and English books available for check out.  Literacy programs and story times are some of the activities that take place in the library.